In today’s fast-shifting market reality property is treated as a long-term investment and as one of the most stable and real profit creating investments.

Sure profit from investment

When purchasing the property as an investment it is most frequently designated for rental. When investing in the purchase of a microapartment you have the possibility of searching for tenants among students or young professionals. You do not have to manage the purchased property by yourself. You may hand over the management of your apartament to the operator who will save you your time searching for tenants, maintanance and repairs of the premises and control of media payments. The operator guarantees the owners of their microapartments a constant profit percentage which equates to 7% of the value of premises per year. The offered return of investment on such level is quite attractive ie. in comparison to bank deposits, where the maximum return is at the level of approx. 4% of profit,  and post taxes, bank fees and commissions, it is usually at the level of 3%. The price of premises handed over by the development company in a turnkey state, and the return of VAT tax give the possibility of obtaining a return of investment already after several years. Download our Tax Guide and check your options of obtaining VAT tax return.

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In the first stage of Starter investment the sale of which was completed at the beginning of 2014 the investors comprised 70% of all purchasers. Join our happy Clients and find out more about the offer of sale of microapartments in the second stage of the investment.
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