Starter I

Starter is the first investment in Poland which offers microapartments of the size from 12sqm to 27sqm in a turnkey standard.

The project was realized by the company Dolnośląskie Inwestycje S.A. and consisted in over a year-lasting reconstruction and modernization of the former Hotel Asystent. The building was designed and built in the 60s of the last century. For many years it was a place of residence for the employees and doctoral students  of the Wrocław Univestity. The project of reconstruction and extention of STARTER was elaborated by the company: AP SZCZEPANIAK.  Once all works had been completed the building in a European standard, which would so far have been considered as restricted to the luxury apartment buildings, was handed over to the clients.

The building consists of 149 microapartments. All of them are in a turnkey state with the use of high quality materials. Each premises is equipped in air-conditioning, bathroom with shower cubicle with shower base, sanitary fittings and a mirror, in the living-room area floors are made of floor panels while the walls are painted.

STARTER has an energy-saving lighting of common areas and it is fully monitored and guarded, while the safety and comfort of its residents are ensured by a 24/7 security and reception. Each premises is equipped in  individually controlled air-conditioning, broadband Internet and TV.  There is a self-service laundry located on -1 floor. The clients who purchased the furnished premises obtained it arranged in modern and functional way, equipped in highest quality of furniture, designed and realized by the company KLER  at special request as well as containing housefold appliances. Such a standard still remains a unique practice on the Polish property market.
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