STARTER is an investment located in the very heart of Wrocław-close to the Grunwaldzki Square, at ul. Ludwika Pasteura 18.

Closeness to school and to work

The most important Wrocław universities are in the vicinity of STARTER, including: Wrocław Technical University, University of Life Sciences, University of Physical Education, as well as large campuses of the University of Wrocław and Medical University of Wrocław. STARTER is also in a short distance from the most modern office towers in Wrocław-the Grunwaldzki Center and Green Day, where headquarters of numerous corporations are based. Thanks to its location STARTER is beyond competition locationwise for students and professionals of the Wrocław companies-it is in a walking distance to most of the places of study or work. The closeness of the largest communication node in the city-The Reagan Roundabout-makes it easy to reach the most remote parts of Wrocław via public transport.

Everywhere is closeby

The neighbourhood of STARTER is not limited to the educational-business Centre. The Szczytnicki Park-one of the largest recreation areas in the city- is just a few steps away and Centennial Hall where the biggest concerts, exhibitions and sport events take place, as well as Pergola with Multimedia Fountain. The oldest Zoological Garden in Europe which still astonishes its visitors with new attractions is also not far away.

Shopping spree in Pasaż Grunwaldzki-one of the largest shopping galleries in the city with a cinema and a rich offer of restaurants and cafes-is in the vicinity.

A short ride by a tram will take the inhabitants of STARTER to the Wrocław market square or the historical Ostrów Tumski.

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