Small surface. Broad horizons

The idea behind the STARTER project is to create the first offer on the Polish market of the so-called micro apartments, designed for a wide range of end users, including young people (students and college or university graduates).

The realization process of STARTER takes place within two stages-the first one of them has been already completed- it now comprises 149 apartments. We  are currently preparing the realization of the second stage during which 168  microapartments will be built.

World-wide trend

Starter has been created out of an inspiration by the British model of commercial apartments called Student Castle in Manchester.  Its dormatories enable the young people to actively spend their free time, practice in the gym, use cafe-club and rest in their multi-functional micoapartments. Microapartments are becoming more and more popular also, among others, in the USA, Western Europe, Japan and China.

Live in Starter

Micro apartments STARTER are one of the best and the safest investment products available on the market.
The property provides security and the return from investment is guaranteed through the lease agreement with the operator. The premises are taxed at the VAT rate of 23%. Tax refund may be claimed in the tax office. STARTER is a good purchase also for companies that rent out hotels (apartments) for their employees. The employees or the guests will be living in high standard buildings, in a great location in city centers, with an easy access to universities, service facilities, entertainment and recreation. The developer also offers the owners of micro apartments the tenancy management service with a guarantee of fixed rental income of 7% per year of the value of the purchased property.
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