FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be responsible for interior finishing?

For interior finishing of the apartments we hire highly specialized companies whose work is supervised by the developer.

What will happen if the customer signs the agreement but will not receive the loan?

In that case, the agreement will be renegotiated. Our goal is to sell the premises and to successfully complete the agreement. The money paid will be returned to the customer.

What is the height of the micro apartments?

The micro apartments are 250 cm high, according to the existing standard.

Is there a discount envisaged in case of 100% payment in cash?

The buyer receives a discount if they pay for the micro apartment in cash. Individuals interested are welcome to contact us.

Is it possible to receive a discount when a greater number of apartments is purchased?

Individuals and companies interested in buying a greater number of micro apartments or a larger area are welcome to contact us individually.

What form of land ownership will the owner of the micro apartment have? The ownership or the perpetual usufruct?

The buyer will be the owner of the land.

How many 1 and 2-room apartments are on offer?

STARTER I has 129 1-room apartments and 20 two-room apartments. Starter II will have 152 1-room apartments and 16 2-room apartments.

Is it possible to buy the whole floor in the building?


Will the money paid for the micro apartments be deposited into the developer’s bank account or into the escrow account?

The money will be deposited into the developer’s bank account. Payments depend on the stage of the building project construction. This solution allows to reduce the cost of the building project itself.

Are there any available garage/parking spaces?

The investment is located in such a manner so that its inhabitants could avail of public communication or convenient bicycle transport- thus there are many bike stands in front of Starter. At the second stage of the investment the construction of multi-stand underground car park is planned.

How many storeys does the building have?

In STARTER 3 there are 6 storeys + the ground floor reserved for service locals + the underground garage.

How many micro apartments are there in the building?

STARTER 3 includes 255 micro apartments currently on sale.

STARTER 1 and 2 include over 300 micro apartments currently rented.

Will the investment be fenced?


Where is the building located?

Starter 3 will be located in the very centre of the city at the intersection of Borowska, Gliniana and Dyrekcyjna streets, in the immediate vicinity of the shopping centre WROCLAVIA and the new bus station. Within a few hundred meters there is a railway station, a water park, Sky Tower and many new office buildings, as well as other shopping centres. A great advantage of this location is is vicinity to the Wrocław University of Economics with about a dozen thousand students – prospective tenants of the new STARTER micro apartments. The university teaching hospital together with the faculty of pharmacy and the Old Town Square that are situated nearby complement the unique location of our real estate (see enclosed map illustrating the location of STARTER III).

Starter 1 and 2 – in the very centre of Wrocław, on Wybrzeże Pasteura Ludwika street, nearby the Centennial Hall, five biggest universities of Wrocław, Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre, offices, banks and recreational areas (Szczytnicki Park, Zoo).

How many storeys will the buildings have?


Do the buildings have urban heating or their own heating system?

STARTER has urban heating (System Heat) and every micro apartment has its own individual heat meter with an automatic meter reading.

Will all inhabitants have access to all storeys? Can anyone access Starter?

In order to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants of the building, access control system will be implemented within it, which will also cover all premises, elevators and stairways. Thanks to this the inhabitants of a given storey will have access only to it.

Where will the waste containers be located?

The waste containers will be located outside or in a separate part of the building.

How many microapartments are located on one floor?

In Starter I there are 15 microapartments on each floor, while in Starter II, depending on which floor: on floors 0-7 25 microapartments will be built, on floor 8 there will be 8 microapartments while on the last floor 9 there will be 1 microapartment.

What is the payment schedule for the purchase of the micro apartments?

Individuals interested in purchasing the micro apartments may pay in the following manner:

10% – Preliminary Agreement;

10% – Building permit;

10% – Base stage;

25% – Frame stage;

25% – Lockup stage

10% – Elevation/facade

10% – Technical handover of premises.

It is also possible to set an individual payment schedule.

Where is the building located?

The building is in the stricte city centre of Wrocław at ul. Pasteura 18, in the vicinity of the Centennial Hall, five largest Wrocław Universities, Pasaż Grunwaldzki, public offices, banks and recreation areas (Szczytnicki Park, the ZOO).

What hours is the Sales Office open?

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. You are welcome to make an appointment at any time convenient to you.

Who is running the Project?

The construction of Starter is conducted by Dolnośląskie Inwestycje S.A and highly specialized contracting companies who work under the supervision of the development company.

What costs will the customer bear at the notary office?

At the notary office the customer bears the costs related to the preparation of the preliminary agreement in the form of the notarial deed as well as the costs related to the preparation of the final agreement. The costs depend on the current prices of the notary services. The customer may choose to sign the preliminary agreement with the developer for free, in which case it is not necessary to prepare the preliminary agreement in the form of a notarial deed.

How many microapartments are in Starter?

In the first stage of the investment 149 microapartments were created, while in the second stage 168 apartments are planned to be built.

When will the customers be able to receive the premises?

The STARTER 3 micro apartments will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Is it possible to see the micro apartments and when can it be done?

You can see Starter 1 micro apartments or even stay in them after prior arrangement.

What documents are necessary to obtain a loan?

The process of granting a loan is managed by an individual credit representative. The developer has a prepared set of documents related to the micro apartments which is required in order to submit a loan application.

How much will I have to pay for my rent?

STARTER micro apartments are condominiums, therefore the amount of the rent will be decided by the housing cooperative. The modern and energy-efficient building will guarantee low operating costs. In addition, each micro apartment will have its own heat meter, water meter and electricity meter, so the cost will partly depend on the individual consumption of utilities.

Is it possible that the price will change after signing the preliminary agreement?

No, the agreement guarantees a fixed price in the net amount.

Is there Internet and TV in the building?

Yes, there will be high-speed Internet and satellite television available in STARTER.

Who is building the micro apartments?

STARTER is built by the general contractor experienced in the construction of such facilities – company WCI SKA.

Are there basements in the buildings?

There will be no basement in the buildings.

Is it possible to reserve the micro apartment for free and for how long?

Yes, you can reserve the micro apartment for free for a period of 5 days.

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